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Michelle brings deep subject expertise, leading practices, and impactful solutions to help you create a high performing culture.

“The most valuable part is how actionable everything is”

Crown Castle

Michelle has curated a series of interactive masterclasses to enable all employees to embed equity and inclusion into every aspect of working life.

The masterclasses provide interactive virtual or in-person bitesize learning modules to enable employees to advance their knowledge of foundational diversity and inclusion topics, understand how this shows up in their workplace and most importantly how to take action every day to build a workplace that works for everyone.

Michelle focuses on behavior change and her programs are packed with tips, techniques and practical take-aways. Michelle creates learning content to address your specific challenges and integrate the latest DEI thinking.

Masterclasses include videos, research, relevant case studies and scenarios to enable participants to put inclusion into practice.

DEI Masterclasses

Michelle offers more than 30 classes covering all aspects of DEI. She can also customize the content and exercises to your roles and business priorities.

How Inequality Works at Work

Workplaces don’t work for everyone in the same way because they were never designed for difference. They were designed to support an ideal type of worker to succeed. What keeps inequality in place in organizations is the denial that it exists.
This masterclass uncovers how inequality works in organizations, across all areas of difference and why this creates challenges to everyone’s advancement and fulfilment at work. It will explore why current approaches to diversity and inclusion fail, and what solutions leaders and employees need to implement to create a culture of equality.

Unpacking the ‘isms’

This masterclass provides participants with a deep understanding of the different lived experiences employees have because of their different identities related to gender, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, age, and class. Participants will discover the specific barriers sexism, racism, classism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, and transphobia create for people with traditionally marginalized identities and what they can do to dismantle them.

How to be Inclusive in Hybrid Work Environments

Over the past two years, many organizations around the world were forced into hybrid virtual work. Although hybrid work offers greater flexibility and a better work–life balance, research has shown it also has the potential to create inequality, decrease inclusion and harm performance. This masterclass shares the five practices to being inclusive in a hybrid work environment, from openly acknowledging the challenges to encouraging ownership of the everyday culture.

Creating Family Friendly Workplaces

As if being a carer wasn’t hard enough, workplaces have some additional difficulties in store for anyone who cares for dependents, including children or elderly parents. Family-friendly solutions focused on policies and programs won’t solve the challenges carers encounter day-to-day. Many feel like they’re “always-on” now that the boundaries between work and home have blurred. Investing in building a more flexible and empathetic workplace ensures that anyone with dependant caring responsibilities, particularly working mothers have equal opportunity to achieve their potential over the long term. This masterclass provides leaders with the guidance they need to create a family-friendly workplace that moves beyond a focus on policies and processes.

How To Make Your ERG Work

We know from our work that an individual’s sense of inclusion is influenced by their experiences with their organization’s leaders, peers, and team members. Employees are the greatest resource organizations have to learn about differences and different lived experiences. Employee Resource Groups need to be managed to ensure all teammates learn about difference, support each other’s understanding of how to be inclusive and hold each other accountable for taking action to build a culture that values difference. This masterclass will explain how to manage ERGs to drive better business outcomes and enhance DEI efforts.

DEI: The New Leadership Paradigm

In an ever-changing and dynamic working world, it is difficult to know how to develop leaders for the future world of work. However, there are three strategic bets that most organizations can make with a fair degree of comfort. First, as customer bases expand to meet the growing demand in emerging markets, businesses will need to meet the broad range of needs that different customers have. Second, technological advancements will change the way most jobs are performed over the next five to ten years. To survive the emerging digital transformation, companies will need to innovate, create and collaborate to identify new solutions. Third, companies can almost guarantee that their talent will become increasingly diverse. Transformations in the workforce’s demographic makeup resulting from increased age, education, and migration will transform the talent pool in most organizations. This masterclass will share key strategies to move from a prototype culture to a values-led culture.

Cultural Competence: Bridging Global Differences

Employees will increasingly need to be able to bridge their differences with diverse customers and co-workers. Leaders will need to develop their ability to harness the benefits of managing diverse employees. With increased global competition, it is crucial to attract and retain the greatest talents from a diverse workforce – and that leaders know how to unlock the benefits of cultural diversity. Cultural competence is the ability to communicate and interact effectively with people who may not look, think or act like you. Being ‘culturally competent’ requires that individuals develop an awareness of cultural differences and understand how to bridge these differences. By developing cultural competency, individuals will be provided with a framework and set of approaches to work with their global colleagues in a responsive and respectful way. This masterclass will also cover how to adapt communication styles to different individuals, groups, and cultures, establish mutual trust, manage conflict and practise cultural competency.

How To Optimize Team Dynamics

As hybrid working becomes the new norm for many organizations, it is essential that all employees have the knowledge and tools to collaborate inclusively, to engage effectively and to drive performance. This masterclass is designed to unlock the potential of cognitive and behavioral diversity within teams by revealing differences in the way individuals think, behave and communicate. It will support all employees in understanding how they work, how their colleagues work and what they need to do to bridge their individual differences to collaborate more effectively.

A comprehensive suite of masterclasses is designed to ignite systemic and individual level change:

  • How to Build a DEI Strategy
  • Unpacking The 4P’s Of Inequality
  • Hiring for Difference
  • Inclusive Interviewing
  • How to Apply Intersectionality in How We Work
  • Managing Diverse Teams
  • How to Have Difficult Conversations
  • How to Provide and Accept Feedback
  • Equality: Your Invitation To Lead
  • Cultivating Trust: The Foundation of DEI
  • Becoming A Conscious Decision Maker
  • Beyond Unconscious Bias
  • The Five Practices Of Inclusive Leadership
  • Beyond Allyship: How To Become Success Partners At Work
  • Inclusive Communication: How To Adopt Inclusive Language At Work
  • LGBTQIA+ Inclusion: Valuing Difference At Work
  • Navigating A Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Disability Inclusion: Making Your Workplace Work For Everyone
  • Trans And Non-Binary Inclusion
  • How Women Can Navigate The 17 Invisible Barriers To Their Advancement At Work
  • If Only I Had Known That Earlier In My Career: Overcoming The Barriers Women Face
  • Starting Out In Their Careers
  • How Men Can Advance Equality And Why This Benefits Them

Just because you’re not all in the office doesn’t mean you can’t learn together. A live masterclass facilitated by a TCP expert is an excellent way to build connection and engage remote employees. We can deliver all of our training programs remotely.