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Your toolkit for advancing your career in the new world of work

The How Work Works Toolkit shares a collection of resources to accompany your reading of How Work Works and are intended to help you navigate the unwritten rules of working life.

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How Work Works is a unique and revelatory guide to understanding and navigating the unwritten rules of the workplace – the key to achieving success, finding meaning, and staying true to your authentic self in today’s business world.

Explore practical ways you can help foster a culture of support, compassion, and safety at work.

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Now you know how your workplace works, help us share the knowledge. 

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Work Works Quiz

Gauge how well you know how your workplace works and how to read the unwritten rules of working life.

Use the How Work Works Conversation Cards

Use the prompts to discuss thoughts, personal experiences, and possible actions to allow yourself to be able to share knowledge and enjoy the workplace.

Create Your
Career Plan

How many of us are well into our career, but not where we want to be? This career journal will encourage you to reflect on where you are in your career and guide you to find meaning, build belonging, and ultimately thrive at work.

Join the 20,000 people around the world who receive the latest research, advice and resources on how to advance at work and build workplaces that work for everyone.

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January 2023 »Managing our work identity

Assessing and making career changes that support your sense of self will help you to thrive at work. The new year brings with it new goals and opportunities. For most of us that means a new role or career move...
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December 2022 »Is It Time To Make A Career Change?

Without emotional attachment to your work and workplace, you will never feel truly fulfilled. If you ask employees what they want out of their careers, most will mention pay and promotions but what...
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November 2022 »Embracing The DEI Paradox

Organizations that manage the tensions of DEI constructively can create and sustain change. Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace is complex. We need to value difference...
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