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Michelle provides a cost-effective solution to scaling her training programs across your organization.

“Successfully sparked curiosity and drive for cultural change”

Axel Springer

My Theory of Change: From Awareness to Action

At the heart of all of my training is a commitment to engage participants in owning the solution, which requires three elements:


Employees need to disrupt their belief that workplaces function in the same way for everyone by creating awareness of how bias, inequality and privilege reveal itself in their organization and negatively impact decision-making.


To solve inequality, employees need to understand how it creates barriers to all individuals advancement and fulfilment and what their role is in removing these barriers.


To foster DEI, we need to treat it like any other business problem. The aim is for employees to reflect, review, and explore how they are taking action at work, what lessons they have learnt from this and what else they could be doing to advance a culture that values difference.

Partnership with Udemy

Udemy is the world’s largest education site and a leading destination for online courses that empower you to grow professionally and personally. 

Michelle and Udemy have partnered to help bring her expertise and industry-leading DEI content on demand anytime, anywhere. Her courses are designed to help you scale flexible DEI learning to all employees.

Michelle creates easily accessible, compelling, and practical microlearning content.

Michelle has created a digital toolkit to facilitate employees’ DEI fluency with easily accessible, compelling, and practical microlearning content. The resources are designed to support a range of learning preferences and inspire individuals and teams alike to apply a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable approach to their workplace. As employees explore the topics, they will begin to understand how making workplaces more inclusive and equal serves to benefit them.

All Michelle’s content is available as short digital learning courses and compatible with most LMS platforms. Michelle enables your employees to learn at their own pace, with interactive digital content that combines her substantive research, stimulating activities and curated learning resources to maximize engagement.