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I’m on a mission
to build belonging
at work...

The disconnection crisis is real and the stakes have never been higher. The hybrid way of working is here to stay, which means we need to be more intentional about how we connect, develop and take action to advance our careers and build workplaces that work for everyone. We need a career community platform that actually works.

The Belong Here Community is a global network of people dedicated to building workplaces that work for everyone!

Together with my team, we have built Belong Here, a global community that provides a place to connect, develop and discover how workplaces work and how we can make them work for everyone (including you).

  • Meet like-minded people who are as equally passionate about finding meaning at work, making a contribution and advancing their careers as you are.
  • Attend Belong Here Meetups and webinars worldwide with fellow members.
  • Join a compassionate and vibrant career community that will support your development, advancement and fulfilment at work.