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Board and Executive Advisory Sessions

Michelle is the trusted advisor to some of the world’s leading companies

“Always backed with tremendous expertise and experience as well as profound research”


Michelle regularly works with senior leaders to create a safe space to unpack the latest practices and research to create a culture that values difference.

The single most important thing companies can do to survive in the future world of work is to build a culture that values difference. The aim should be to create an environment where every individual can apply their capabilities in new, innovative, and creative ways to solve the problems at hand. For employees to thrive in the future, they need to know that their unique talents, capabilities, skill sets, identities, and perspectives will be valued. Inclusion is an ongoing journey that every leader signs up for when they agree to manage people.

Michelle provides bespoke, in-depth strategy engagement sessions for boards and executive committees where she unpacks the latest practices and research to create a culture that values difference. Her expertise and deep insights, paired with her ability to create a compelling case for change, can build the awareness and understanding to accelerate workplace inclusion. 

Organizations that have more inclusive cultures are more likely to have improved innovation, creativity, performance, agility and financial success:

0 x
as likely to meet or exceed financial targets
0 x
as likely to be high-performing
0 x
as likely to be innovative and agile
0 x
more likely to achieve better business outcomes

Source: Juliet Bourke, Which Two Heads Are Better Than One? How Diverse Teams Create Breakthrough ideas...

Creating a culture that truly values difference is not a ‘nice to have’ - it is a fundamental business imperative.