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Making The Future Work

“To start preparing for future change, companies need to help individuals to understand this on two levels Ð one, the tactical, and also the strategic. It’s very important to enable the business and individuals within it to consider the strategic changes that have to occur. If we open up that capability with regards to understanding technical and what everything can do in regards to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, but the business doesn’t have the maturity to change its operating model or its strategic intent, then ultimately I don’t think that’s going to succeed. When you’re a successful business, it’s a pretty interesting time when you don’t have a catalyst for change because it’s not right here now. Is there a material event in the future? Probably, but the reality is you can’t wait, you can’t wake up overnight and be ready for that. So, it’s making sure that there’s enough people in the business that when you open up to that possibility, the business is ready for it.”