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A leading global expert in gender and organizations, Michelle King has spent nearly two decades committing her life to helping women advance in their careers.


See the truth behind what’s holding women back at work

From Lean In to #Girlboss to Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office, women are told that if they want to succeed at work, they need to fix themselves. Lean in, don't lean out. Be a fighter and a rule-breaker to be a #Girlboss. Stop being nice and start acting like a man.

But now Michelle King — gender equality expert and Head of The Global Innovation Coalition for Change at UN Women — is calling BS on books and programs that tell women they need to change to be successful. She has seen over and over again, through her partnerships with major Fortune 500 companies like HP, SAP, and General Electric and her work with women nationwide, that the tired advice of fixing women isn't fixing anything. The truth is that workplaces are gendered — they were designed by men for men — and unless you're Don Draper, there are hidden barriers in place that are holding you back.

Based on King's more than 16 years of research and exclusive interviews with major companies and thought leaders, THE FIX: Overcome the Invisible Barriers that Hold Women Back at Work reveals the truth behind what's holding women back at work and provides a clear roadmap for women to navigate the flawed workplace to find success on their own terms. King's research reveals that the one thing hold women back above all else is gender denial. By denying gender inequality, we're preventing women and minorities from getting to that corner office.

In this book, King reveals the hidden factors that women encounter at work every day, but don't even see. Because of ingrained gender stereotypes, women who speak up or assert themselves are seeing as pushy. Women who ask for a pay raise are difficult. Women who spend hours networking don't get the same career benefits as men do. Unlike men, women cannot just go to work, do their jobs and expect to advance. Fixing women isn't the answer — women aren't broken. Women are capable, innovative, team players, and exceptional leaders. Women deserve workplaces that support, enable and encourage them to succeed.

By elucidating the hidden barriers that are holding women back at all stages of their career, THE FIX: Overcoming the Invisible Barriers that are Holding Women Back at Work provides women — and male allies — with a clear set of take-aways to thrive despite the inherently gendered workplace, and a plan to bring about change from within.

Gender equality is not about women, and it is not about men — it is about making workplaces work for everyone. Together, we can fix work, not women. 


Gender equality is not about women, and it is not about men — it is about making workplaces work for everyone.

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So much about the world of work – from workplace culture to our definition of success — was created by men, and it’s not working for women or indeed for men. And it’s no surprise that women pay a disproportionately high price for their participation. That’s why it (this book) is so important. It’s a passionate, practical roadmap for addressing inequality and finally making our workplaces work for women.
— Arianna Huffington | Author and Founder of The Huffington Post and Thrive Global

Michelle King has written a book that is more than necessary today. With its clarity and common sense, its passion and practicality, it is a vital piece calling for a workplace that actually works for women. Michelle provides actions to take that do not succumb to the notion of “fixing” women. Calling for accountability in what too often is a toxic environment is only as important as offering ways to bring about real change in that environment. Michelle writes with elegance and precision, inviting us all in to be better informed and better understood.
— Meredith Walker | Founder of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls